We produce milk of high quality levels as our farm is one of the top ten farms in Egypt and has a pioneer position in the Middle East.


Composition of milk:

Fat: 4 %
Protein: 3.2 %
SNF: 8.95 %

  • The most important target which we achieved is to minimize the bacterial count of milk which reveals the hygiene of milking process and health of the herd.
Bact. count: 10.000
M1: 10 ppm

  • We use the most recent techniques in milking process to obtain this high quality milk which is never been touched by hand as we use computer control in cleaning, disinfecting & cooling.
  • Milking process is a focus point to be restricted begins by well cleaning of animal udder, pre-dipping with strong disinfectant ”chlorhexidine” , testing animals’ quarters, drying teats, milking with normal air pressure then post-dipping with iodine.
  • One of the most important procedures is to well clean the parlor including pipelines & tanks.

  • We are a leader farm to use the most recent cooling system to get 3°c degree milk within few seconds.